Primary Home Care (PHC) provides non-technical, non-skilled, in-home attendant services to people who have an approved medical need for assistance with personal care tasks. PHC is available to eligible people whose health problems cause them to be functionally limited in performing activities of daily living according to a practitioner's statement of medical need. Attendants provide PHC services.

What services are provided?
Escorting a person to medical appointments for diagnosis and/or treatment.
Home management to help with housekeeping activities that support the person's health and safety.Personal care related to the care of the person's physical health

Who can get services?
You must be 21 or older.
You must have an unmet need for help with home management and personal care tasks.
You must have a practitioner's statement of medical need.
You must be eligible for Medicaid.
You must meet a specified functional assessment score and have a functional limitation with at least one personal care task based on your medical condition.

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There is no limit to what we can do to make you and your loved ones happy, healthy and comfortable. Our in-home services can include personal care assistance, such as grooming, shopping, bathing, meal preparation and light housekeeping. These services support seniors and clients of all ages who have chronic or long- term disabilities, mobility constraints, or cognitive disabilities. We help those recovering from injury, illness or surgery, or just need a strong helping hand.
Sweet Pea's. is an important part of your health care team. We provide the following services under the direction of your physician while caring for you in the comfort of your home:

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